21st February 2006




Registration and Coffee

 Session One

Novel Treatments for Retinal Disease


Update of Gene Therapy Modalities – the RPE65 Trial – Tony Moore, UCL


Stem Cells in the Treatment of Retinal Dystrophies – Robert McLaren, UCL


Opticin: a Vitreous-Derived Anti-Angiogenic? – Paul Bishop, Manchester


Session Two:  Unusual Cases from the Floor



Session Three

Update on Genetic Testing and Provision of Genetic Services


What the UK GTN can offer Ophthalmology – Jo Whittaker,Cambridge


Update on Genetics of AMD – Andrew Webster, UCL


Should there be Genetic Testing for AMD?  Discussion to be led by Alan Wright, Edinburgh


Update of Genetic Testing(i) XLRP/ADRP – Niki Hart-Holden, Manchester, James O’Sullivan, Manchester

(ii) Open Discussion:  Who Should Pay for Genetic Testing? – to be chaired by Susie Downes